Moment of Inertia Retreat

Moment of Inertia Retreat

20th and 24th of October in Algarve, Portugal

Venue: Monte Rosa, Algarve, Portugal
Booking: Early Bird: € 2200 Standard: € 2600

For inquiries, please email or book directly on Motion Impulse.

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To change the direction of any given object, we must first overcome its moment of inertia. To excel in what we do, we need to gather momentum in the direction we wish to succeed in. This 4 day retreat is designed to equip you with everything you need to overcome your personal moment of inertia- 4 Days of full focus on Flexibility, Handbalancing and Acrobatic strength and floorwork, with 9 hours of training a day interspersed with lectures to give you enough material to work on for the time after the retreat. 4 days devoted to gathering knowledge, pushing our training and spending time with people that share the same passions!

We will be spending four days in a rural retreat centre in the peaceful surroundings of southern Portugal in the company of Emmet Louis, Mikael Kristiansen and Tristan Kobayashi, each of them contributing their teachings in a three hour session each day.

Throughout the retreat, there will be time and space for an atmosphere that enables lively discussion, exchange and yes, also fun (lots of it)! We will be having 3 meals a day together, but the set up of our retreat centre also allows you to withdraw from the group between classes and meals and enjoy some silence around the area.

This retreat is designed to cater to all skill levels, as the group will be held small enough to enable individual tuition during all classes.

Mikael Kristiansen

Morning classes will be led by Mikael Kristiansen and focus on the art of Handbalancing. Each one of you will be guided on the basis of your current skill level, and given the tools to advance your practice both in the days of the retreat but most importantly for your own training after the retreat as well. Depending on this, you might be working on finding stability and balance on your hands, working towards presses or straightening out your one arms- the schedule will depend entirely on the group and each individual.

Mikael has taught at various different circus schools, including DOCH in Stockholm and AMoC in Copenhagen, and has been giving handbalancing workshops throughout Europe. He also performs as a circus artist and has worked with companies such as Cirkus Cirkör and 7 Doigts de la main.

Tristan Kobayashi

Tristan will lead the midday classes, focusing on strength and floor acrobatics. We will look into breaking up tricks, understanding the requirements and compartmentalising them into different stages to enable fastest possible progress. We’ll work with existing vocabulary and the new tricks we’ve learned and examine the most effective methods for building fluidity within sequences. Influences we’ll draw from is a fusion of Capoeira, animal patterns, inverting, grappling, contemporary dance and partner work. There’ll also be bridging and twisting and a lot of play.

Tristan has spent the last 7 years in deep research and teaching of yoga, handbalance, mobility training, floorwork, gymnastics skill and strength practices, olympic lifting, boxing contemporary dance, brazilian Jiujitsu and more.

Emmet Louis

The last sessions of the day will be a dedicated 3 hour immersion into Emmets Modern Methods of Mobility system, combining practical flexibility work targeted specifically to your levels, with a theoretical understanding of which methods to use for which goals. You will learn to understand how your own body responds to different types of stretching (we will cover a wide range of approaches including ballistic stretching, loaded stretching and end range closing), and take away a clear understanding of the progressions you’ll need to reach your flexibility goals and achieve a better overall feeling of relaxation and freedom in your body.

The location and how to get there

This year’s Moment of Inertia Retreat will be taking place at Monte Rosa rural retreat centre, which is situated in the south west corner of the Portuguese Algarve, approximately 1.7 km from the village of Barão de São João. Only 9km away is the city of Lagos which is well known for its beautiful beaches, plenty of historical places of interest and the ancient walls of Lagos that were built in the 16th century.


The closest airport is Faro (FAO), which is approximately a one hour drive away. We will be running two minibus transfers from Faro Airport to the venue. The first minibus pick up time will be 12pm on the 20th and the second pick up at 4pm. However, please let us know if your flight arrives outside of these pick-up times so that we can discuss other options for you.

It is also possible to fly into to Lisbon and then catch the bus or train to the retreat centre, however please note that the travel time for this is over 4 hours and we will not be arranging transfers from Lisbon airport. If you are coming from Lisbon, the following website provides some useful information on the best ways to travel to Lagos From Lagos you would need to arrange transport (either by taxi or through the retreat centre) to the retreat centre. Please let us know if you are considering this option so we can provide further information.


We will be arranging a minibus for 12pm on the 24th of October to transport you back to Faro Airport. Depending on everyone’s flight departure times we are also considering arranging a second minibus to transport you to the airport so please let us know your flight details once you are booked.

Check in at the venue is on the 20th of October from 2pm, and check out at 11am on the 24th of October.

When you have signed up, we will send you an email outlining all of these details to help you make necessary travel arrangements and help you prepare for the retreat.

Accommodation, training and leisure facilities

Monte Rosa is a place where you can enjoy nature in peace and tranquillity. Away from mass tourism, Monte Rosa consists of cosy and comfortable accommodation created in various renovated rustic buildings in the heart of the unspoiled countryside.

Amidst 10 acres of rural land with an abundance of old almond, olive and fig trees you will find 10 rooms and apartments varying in decor, size and facilities. Each space comes complete with its own private bathroom with shower or bath. All of the rooms have a pleasant outside seating area. The buildings are set within colourful gardens with winding pathways, terraces and seating areas.

For your leisure, the retreat centre has a 5 x 10 metre swimming pool with relaxing wooden sun beds and a beautiful panoramic view of our natural environment. A washing machine is available for use at a cost of €3. The venue has free WiFi.

If you book as a group or as a couple, you will have the possibility to specify who you would like to share a room with during the sign-up process. We will do our best to accommodate any preferences.

Food and drink during the retreat
Full board is included during your stay at Monte Rosa. This includes lunch and dinner on the day of arrival, breakfast, lunch and a three-course dinner on the three days and breakfast on the day of departure. Water, coffee, tea and snacks are also provided. Some rooms include a kitchenette or have access to a communal kitchen for you to use to prepare a snack outside of meal times.

Booking and Payment

Pricing for the full retreat, including accommodation, transfer from/to the airport and full board, is €2200 early bird and €2600 regular. Payment plans are available as outlined below, and you can sign up with a €440 deposit to secure your spot. The rate includes 4 nights accommodation at Monte Rosa, lunch and dinner on the day of arrival, 3 meals on the following 3 days and breakfast on the departure day as well as water, snacks and coffee/tea throughout the day. Most importantly, there will be multiple training sessions and lectures each day, with enough time to enjoy the leisure facilities of the venue.

We have had requests from families with young kids, and because we have a lot of space (and people will be staying in cottages) we have decided to make it an option! This means that, if one of you want to take part in the retreat, you can bring a partner and a small child up to 18 months. The price for an additional partner that will not take part in the classes and the baby is 500€ early bird, and 650€ regular. If you are considering this please write to Elise at

Payment options
Payment can be made via PayPal or Credit Card by using the check out above.

There are three different payment options available:

Option 1: 4 installments
€440 deposit (early bird) when you sign up (non refundable)
4 further monthly installments of €440 each. You will be notified when payment is due and receive a link from which you can easily come back to the checkout.
Please note that the deposit non-refundable unless due to a medical reason you can no longer attend.

Option 2: Half and half
Sign up with the first half, €1200 (early bird), and pay the other half in the months leading up to the internship.
You will be notified when payment is due and receive a link from which you can easily come back to the checkout.

Option 3: Full payment
Select to pay the full amount of €2200 (early bird) in one go – you won’t have to make any further payments.