M3 Stockholm

M3 Modern Methods of Mobility – Stockholm

Emmet Louis

14th and 15th of October in Stockholm, Sweden

Venue: Evolve Fitness
Booking: € 350

For inquiries, please email elise@silverleapproject.io or book directly on Motion Impulse.



Through my work, I have proven time and again that with the deliberate mix of well thought out methods, exceptional flexibility and mobility are achievable for all adults. In this seminar, Modern Methods of Mobility, I will focus on presenting my approach to building flexibility and resilience throughout the whole body, paying special attention to the correct application concerning the adult body.

I will give an overview of our system for increasing flexibility and mobility, as well as deliver an in depth explanation of my personal experiences in coaching my students via these strategies. Over the last decade I have tested, filtered  and selected the most powerful techniques from an extensive and diverse range of backgrounds and disciplines.

You will benefit from my trials and errors, and walk away with a host of different methods to safely experiment with.


Techniques and methods we will cover over the weekend include:

Ballistic stretching – in contrast to the undeserved, bad reputation ballistic stretching has in the western world, we’ve discovered massive benefits beneath this, apparently scary, term. Come and learn how to apply the modern, safe synthesis of these, which we term Rhythmic Dynamic Ballistics (RDB). They will deliver life long flexibility when applied correctly. If you want to change the properties of your fascia you must bounce!

Loaded stretching- While it’s a buzzword at the moment, there are indeed extraordinary results to be gained from applying the loaded stretching techniques.  We’ll go into detail on how to apply these methods ranging from techniques using only bodyweight, added resistance and partners.

Organic Mobility- Nothing in nature exists in isolation and through these practices we’ll teach you how to work with a partner or groups to expand your control. This is a playful and fun practice, that teaches co-ordination and injects randomness and challenge to your practices. By the end you’ll be able to find and devise your own games and situations.

Covered Body Areas

The anatomy of the shoulder presents some interesting problems for when it comes to gaining and maintaining range of motion. With the combination of exercises we teach, we can finally get those shoulders to open, enabling you to go ahead with skills that require extreme upper body mobility like, for example, the bridge as a gateway to more advanced tricking and all forms of the mexican handstand, to name a few.

Helgi Standing SplitTight and stiff hips will be shown how to lengthen and strengthen correctly using our Locked Knee Strength (LKS) exercises, which carries over to all kinds of lower body flexibility including the squat and the pancake, which in turn are needed as basics for ease and flow in movement, but also for advanced gymnastic skills like the stalder press to handstand.

The techniques we teach for hip flexors are some of the most powerful in the world for freeing up the anterior chain.

What to bring

Notes will be provided, however please bring a pen or pencil to add your own thoughts. Wear loose, comfortable clothing, bring athletic tape, and bands if you have them. Also, remember to pack food and water for the several small breaks throughout the day. There will be an hour long lunchbreak on both days.

About M3

This seminar is designed to a maximum of 20 Participants, and takes place over 2 days, usually a Saturday and a Sunday, with a total of 12 hours of teaching.